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There’s nothing like going out with friends, eating a glorious meal and having fun, which is why whoever copyrights that sequence of events first will be a millionaire. Have a valuable experience with this offer for soft drinks, snacks and more.

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About the Merchant

Aamchi Mumbai, located at Shyamal Cross Roads serve a variety of dosas, pav bhajis and more. For those who have hunger pangs at odd hours - fret not as they remain open till midnight on weekends.



Choice of Dosa:

  • Jini Dosa
  • Manchurian Dosa
  • Janak Janak Payal Dosa
  • Paneer Makhani Bhurjee Dosa
  • Paneer Chili Dosa
  • Pav Bhaji Dosa
  • Khakhra Dosa
  • Schezwan Khakhra Dosa
  • Palak Cheese Dosa
  • Mexican Dosa
  • Gwalior Dosa
  • Cheese Nylon Dosa
  • Punjabi Dosa
  • Frankie Dosa
  • Spring Dosa
  • pizza Dosa
  • Paneer Mexican Dosa
  • Mysore & Chopsuey Mix Dosa
  • Onion Paneer Schezwan Dosa
  • Schezwan Cheese Masala Dosa
  • Paneer Manchurian Dosa
  • Chinese Chopsuey Dosa
  • Chopsuey Manchurian Dosa
  • American Sweet Corn Cheese Dosa
  • Authentic South Indian Dosa

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