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Every once in a while its better to get yourself checked and be certified fit with this Groupon. YOLO, so take care.

  • Locations:
  • Borivali (W): Yogi Avenue 1st Floor, Yogi Nagar
  • Kadivali (W): Mahavir Suryadarshan Society, Satyanager Road
  • Dhaisar (W): A/102, Nilangi Apt, Kanderpada Junction

Groupon Partner: Healthcare Medical Centre and Diagnostics

Healthcare Medical Centre and Diagnostics has 3 locations across Mumbai. They offer a wide range of health care services for both men and women. They boast a range of doctor who are very experienced. They have Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, Dental, Physiotherpy, Consultations & Full Body Check-ups all in one place. They strive on providing a world class health care for the patients coming in.

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