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It is better to take the wife out for a 3-course meal than to demand that she prepare one. spare yourself from harsh retaliation and buy this Groupon to Rosang Soul Food.



  • Maroi Bora

(Manipuri style Fritters)

  • Crispy Potato
  • Mushroom Stir Fry



  • Fried Fish
  • Ngui Ngosing (Arunachal)

(Fish minced with herbs & spices, wrapped in banana leaf and burnt)

  • Fried Chicken Liver

(Arunachal Chicken liver sautéed in NE Herbs)

  • Chicken Dry Fry
  • Wahan Mosden

(Tripura Pork cubes stir-fried, served with NE Herbs)

  • Pork spare Ribs
  • Bawngsa Kan

(Mizoram style Meat dry fry, served with NE Herbs)


Main Course


  • Anntui Mawl

(Plain assorted boiled Vegetables)

  • Masoor Dal
  • Bai

(Mizoram Stew of mixed Vegetables  with Herbs and Spices from the region)

  • Mang Gan Ooti

(Manipur no oil delicacies mixed with Herbs and yellow Peas)

  • Iromba Insang

(Manipuri assorted seasonal Vegetable Curry)

  • Kol Posola

(Assamese Banana plant blend with Herbs and Spices)

  • Pateh Meh

 (Mizo Mushroom cooked with exotic NE Herbs)

  • Aloo Taama

(Sikkim Potato and Bamboo Shoot Curry)

  • Sana Thogba

(Manipuri diced Cottage Cheese and Vegetables flavoured with Oriental Chives and Herbs)




  • Bilahi Masor Tenga

(Assamese special Fish Curry with tangy Tomato)

  • Masor Logot Khorisa

(Assamese special Fish Curry with Bamboo Shoot)

  • Nga Thongba

(Manipuri style Fish Curry)              

  • Ngatok

(Arunachal no oil Fish Curry with indigenous Spices and aromatic Herbs from the region)



  • Tokhan

(Tripuri style Chicken Curry with a hint of NE Herbs and sour Tomatoes)

  • Kukhura Ko Masu

(Sikkim Chicken Curry flavoured with Tamarind, Coconut, Herbs and Spices)

  • Arsa Chhum

(Mizoram Chicken infused in NE Herbs and Lemon leaves)

  • Aksa Meh

(Chicken Curry with seasonal Herbs)

  • Aksa Dol

(Rosang Special with dry Yam paste and house indigenous Herbs and Spices)



  • Dhoneiihong

(Meghalaya Pork cooked in Black Sesame Paste)

  • Nuoshi

(Nagaland Pork preparation with dry Yam Stem without oil)

  • Estuk

(Nagaland Pork preparation with fermented Bamboo Shoot without oil)

  • Voksa Meh

(Mizo Pork preparation with seasonal herbs of Manipur)


Rice /Noodles

  • Steamed Rice
  • Joha

(Assamese Scented Rice)

  • Chaak Khao

(Manipuri Red Rice)

  • Sohchiar

(Mizo Gravy snack of Rice cooked with Chicken / Pork)

  • Fried Rice with Bamboo Shoot (Veg / Chicken / Pork)
  • Noodles (Veg / Chicken / Pork)



  • Sesame Flat Cake
  • Chaak Hao Kheer
  • Sweet Sticky Rice Cake



  • Thei Tui
  • Axomiya Special Chaa

(North East Special Tea)

  • Wild Red Rice Tea

(Hot Beverage served with home-made Jaggery and Lemon on the side)

  • Fresh Lime Soda / Water
  • Soft Drinks

Groupon Partner: Rosang Soul Food

Rosang Soul Food is the first which brings together the cuisines of all 8 North East Indian states. They focus on reviving ancestral recipes, and use only organic herbs and ingredients. 

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