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You need a know how about how to want to proceed in your IT life. This Groupon will help you know a little more about what the works are.

Big Data "Technology -Big Data" course

Module 1-Introduction Bigdata

  • Big Data and its importance
  • What is Distributed system

Module 2- Examples of Big Data

  • Characteristics of Big Data
  • Introduction to Hadoop and its works
  • Examples of Big Data

Module 3-Hadoop Uses

  • What is Hadoop and How Hadoop work

Module 4-Installation Hadoop

  • Installation of Single Node Apache Hadoop

Module 5-Hadoop Architecture

  • Session 1: What is HDFS
  • Session 2: Planning Hadoop cluster & Hardware Considerations
  • Session 3: Hadoop Cluster Maintenance

Module 6-Mapreduce

  • What is map reduce
  • Example program: Word count
  • Map phase
  • Shuffle and sort
  • Reduce phase
  • Name node

Module 7-Hive

  • Hive introduction
  • What is Hive
  • Origin of Hive
  • Hadoop based system
  • Where we not use

Module 8-Hbase

Session 1

  • Apache
  • Horizontally scalable-why & how
  • Sorted map
  • Hash map
  • Machine failure
  • Liner schedule
  • HDFS vs. Hbase

Session 2

  • Do Hbase access data randomly or sequentially

Module 9 –Mahout

Session 1

  • Intro to Mahout
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Session 2

  • What is Classified
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Recommendation
  • Pattern Mining

Module 10 -Cassandra

Session 1

  • What is Cassandra
  • Who develop Cassandra
  • Non-relational
  • What is eventually consistent

Session 2

  • Intro to No Sql and comparison with RDBMS
  • Comparison of RDMS and problems of RDBMS

Module 11-SAP HANA

  • Why Hana
  • Architecture & proof points
  • Basic Terminologies
  • Technical innovation in A nutshell
  • Hardware Technology Innovations
  • Software Technology Innovations
  • System Architecture
  • System Landscape
  • Data Services

Module 12-Storm

  • What is Storm and Architecture of Storm
  • Use Case

Module 13-spark

  • What is spark and Architecture of spark
  • Use of spark
  • Component of spark
  • Comparison with hadoop

Module 14 -Scala

Session 1

  • What is Scala
  • Uses of Scala

Session 2

  • Advantage of Scala
  • How scala solve problems of Java and C etc
  • Architecture of Scala
  • spark coding using scala

Module 15-Splunk

  • What is splunk?
  • Splunk latest version & OS supported.
  • What does splunk do?
  • What does splunk provide?

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