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HTML5 Web Development Course

Module 1

  • Internet
  • Web technology
  • Web technology Example
  • Internet server
  • Server types
  • HTTP protocol
  • HTTP methods
  • HTML programming
  • Difference between LET & post
  • GET example
  • Post Example
  • HTML introduction
  • Tolls for create HTML document
  • Marketing element with tags
  • Adding an attribute to an aliment
  • Document type Declaration
  • HEAD element
  • Adding comment
  • Defining the structure of the page body
  • Defining the use of the terms HTML
  • Distinction between CORE & HTML5 family
  • HTML-5 benefits
  • Syntax
  • Multimedia support
  • Silver light/video
  • The canvas element
  • A drawing cont
  • Support tech. of HTML 5
  • Geo location
  • Drag & Drop
  • Web storage
  • Web workers
  • Web socket


Module 2

  • Elements of HTML file
  • Header Element
  • Navigation Element
  • Footer Element
  • Section Element
  • Aside Element
  • Address Element
  • Article Element
  • Menu Element
  • Problem with DIVAS
  • Specification for HTML
  • How to create menu with command table
  • Create menu with unordered & order list
  • Difference between section & Article Element
  • DIV element
  • Web form creation

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