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Look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or even Steve Jobs, all of them had one thing in common, “Hard Work”. You can get to their heights, its just a matter of will power. You can start by the way they started from the bottom, learning their tools and being an expert in them. More over this Groupon will let you do that from the personal environment of your house.

Python Training -Beginners Business Management

Module 1

  • Why python
  • What you need to get started

Module 2

  • General purpose
  • Is python a scripting language?
  • Why use python in the RW?

Module 3

  • What can you do with python
  • How to install python.

Module 4

  • Installing python
  • Windows Installation
  • Linux Installation

Module 5

  • Environment variables
  • What is IDE?
  • How to download additional Diary
  • running python program

Module 6

  • Data types
  • Object types
  • Python core data types

Module 7

  • Strings
  • Strings (Methods)

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