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Arcade games let you experience things that aren’t normally allowed, such as fighting in the streets or eating fruit in a maze. Play by new rules with this Groupon.

Groupon Partner: Glued

Located in Sector 41, Glued is an Entertainment Center that brings together games with food, drinks and sheesha.

  • Arcade: Classic Pinball machines to the skillful Fish Catcher to the ego-nising Hammer Power Machine to the conventional classics like Ice hockey, Street basketball, Foosball and the latest merchandise catchers - they have all the games to make sure those 50 coins wont last long.

  • Arcadium: Where they offer unparalleled Console gaming Experience on four 42” full HD plasmas, 50” full HD plasma for a dedicated FIFA lounge, a 3D screen for solo gaming and an 8-seater private HD projector gaming room. This section also offers motion gaming on Xbox Kinect, PS3 Move and Nintendo Wii

  • World of Snooker Exclusive: A concept by Glued that offers its patrons classic English Snooker tables & Professional tables in dedicated Snooker playing conditions.

  • Strike-O: Like they say ‘All good things come in small packages’, Strike-O is a delightful two lane Brunswick bowling Alley in the heart of Glued.

  • Private Theatre: 6-seater Recliner theater where one can play on the PS4, watch a live Match, your favourite SitCom or catch up an old classic or a movie you missed. Food, Drinks & Hookah service available inside!

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