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Have the day all chalked out for you and have no time to even think about all the yummy stuff you love to eat? Well, not anymore. Get all your cravings taken care of with this Groupon.

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Groupon Partner: Monginis Foods

Monginis Foods, a premier and popular destination for lovers and connoisseurs of all varieties cakes, chocolates, pastries and cookies, with a commanding and distinguished presence in 12 cities around India and 2 in Egypt. They offer fresh bakery products, customized to suit personal tastes, with standards of creativity, and delivered with the degree of timeliness and assurance of quality. They also have experience in dealing with stakeholders like suppliers, employees, fanchisees, dealers and consumers.

Monginis Gift Coupons and Corporate Gift initiatives have gained widespread credibility and acceptance. Every gift is for a unique individual, for no two persons are ever the same. Monginis confectioners, chefs, and artists are always on the stand by to create exclusive and artistic products, to the full satisfaction of the client. Monginis concept of ‘logo’cakes, artistic renderings of the company product or logo, have been warmly welcomed in the corporate world.

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