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In order to get the right answer, asking the right question is the key. Choose your words wisely to avail this Groupon to Astrology consultation.

Groupon Partner: Prashna Kundali

Shekhar Joshi, a well renowned astrologer, was a non-believer in his early young years, but soon became drawn towards the world of mysticism. Being a science graduate, he was able to question the science of astrology. It was in the 80’s that he began consultation based on astrology and new assumptions.

The Prashna Kundali or the Horary Astrology system is a unique system of Vedic Astrology that analyzes the kundalis of the question (Prashna Kundali) itself to find answers to a person’s queries The Prashna Kundali theory says that the 3 digit spontaneous number can be used to get answers to specific questions.

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