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Midnight cravings help us stay away from the bogeyman while we enjoy a night out with today’s Groupon to The Chancery. Enjoy a buffet meal at South Parade and keep the cravings at bay.

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The Deal:

Choose from the following offers for 1 person:

  • Offer 1 – Rs.333 instead of Rs.460: Midnight Buffet
  • Offer 2 – Rs.425 instead of Rs.600: Buffet Lunch
  • Offer 3 – Rs.475 instead of Rs.650: Buffet Dinner
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Buffet Lunch & Dinner Spread:

  • 2 Soups (1 Veg & 1 Non-veg)
  • Chinese (1 Non-veg & 2 Veg)
  • Continental (1 Non-veg & 2 Veg)
  • South Indian (1 Non-veg & 3 Veg)
  • Indian (1 Non-Veg & 3 Veg)
  • Salads (2 Non-veg & 8 Veg)
  • Starters (1 Non-veg & 1 Veg)
  • Dal , Rasam, Plain Rice, Flavored Rice, Curd rice, Raita, Dahi Vada, Papad, Pickle, Garlic Bread
  • Live (Veg or Non-veg)
  • Indian Breads
  • Dessert (5 Bakery, 5 Indian (One hot dessert) & Cut Fruits

Kindly note as per guest request, we are serving the Ice creams on table.

Midnight Buffet Spread:

  • 2 Soup2 (1 Veg & 1 Non-veg)
  • 3 Veg Salads
  • Starters (1 Non-veg & 1 veg)
  • Continental (1 Veg)
  • Chinese (2 Veg)
  • 4 Non-veg (3 Indian & 1 South Indian)
  • Indian (5 Veg)
  • South Indian (1 Veg)
  • Dal, Rasam, Pulao, Plain Rice, Curd rice, Papad, Pickle, Raita
  • One Fresh Juice
  • 4 Desserts
  • Indian Breads


  • Midnight Buffet – 12:00 Midnight to 2:30AM
  • Buffet Lunch – 12:00 Noon to 3:00PM
  • Buffet Dinner – 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Groupon Partner: The Chancery

The Chancery is a 4-star Hotel located in Lavelle Road, at the heart of Bangalore. Its in-house restaurant South Parade is named after what used to be M.G.Road, South Parade. The restaurant is open all hours and offers food from around the world in a completely modern setting.


The Chancery Hotel is one of the oldest and well known Hotels in Bangalore. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant called South Parade which is located just a few steps from the Lobby. The nice thing about this restaurant is that they have a lunch buffet, dinner buffet and the ever popular midnight buffet. South Parade serves North Indian, Continental and Chinese food….
Hotel-lavelle-road/reviews#tabtop " target="_blank">Prathima Joishy’s Review on Zomato

I have no idea on how many times I have been here for the mid night buffets, they have the right amount of dishes required for an after party meal or an after long drive meal. Perfect place for dinner or mid night buffet if you watching a night match at the Chinnaswamy stadium.
Hotel-lavelle-road/reviews#tabtop " target="_blank"> Parthasarathy Bhaskara’s Review on Zomato

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