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An insect-free house is the best way to shower a home with love aside from kissing the doorstep or spray-painting sonnets on its walls. Show your home where your heart is with this Groupon.

Terms and Conditions for Gel Application and Odorless Spray Treatment:

  • Gel application is used for kitchen only
  • Gel treatment is only for German cockroaches – which are found only in the kitchen
  • 30 drops of 1mm diameter is more than sufficient for a heavily infested kitchen
  • Using additional quantity of gel may result in immunity to the cockroaches and poor result in its control
  • Active ingredient used in the gel is - Fipronil 0.05% ,
  • Domino effect observed
  • After the spraying treatment, the treated areas must be kept closed for at least 1-2 hours for optimum effect

It is imperative to note, that during each scheduled service gel spots will be applied only in areas where gel is either consumed or as deemed appropriate by the service technicians. The technicians are best equipped to determine the application of gels and request clients not to pressurize for undue / unrestricted application of gels, as it could result in counter-productive action & pest resistance.

Groupon Partner: J D Pest Control

Technicians at JD Pest Control aim at making your home a Pest-Free place. They use techniques and branded chemicals that are completely safe for you and your abode. So if yours is haunted by lizards, cockroaches, termites, flies, ants or other such pests…it’s time to give these guys a call.

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