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yoga only requires a few pieces of equipment, unlike swimming, which requires a pool, swimsuit, goggles, and attachable gills. Maintain your weight, muscle tone and sense of well being with this Groupon. 

Benefits of Nuage Hot yoga

  • Detoxification: Heavy sweating helps flush toxins from the skin. The heat also allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures, so you know you’re really warming up the muscles and you can really approach the postures in a safe manner.

  • Develops strength, flexibility and tone along with a cardiovascular workout

  • It is the only workout where you can burn 1000 to 1500 calories in just 90min

  • Improves your sleep cycle by supplying proper oxygen to your brain and other parts of your body

  • Working in heat helps the body relax, improves breathing (which helps conditions like asthma) and focuses the mind, which develops better mental concentration

Hot yoga is safe and gentle for everyone from children to seniors. It is more challenging and intense, but everyone can get something from it

Groupon Partner: Nuage Hot yoga

Nuage Hot yoga is an exotic form of yoga. Hot yoga is now used to describe a number of yoga styles that use heat to increase an individual’s flexibility. This form of yoga is practiced in rooms maintained at 39 - 41 degrees or more. Many postures are held which systematically makes you active and fresh and it also oxygenates blood to each every organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy and active working order just as nature intended.

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