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Your pet is like family, so treat them like how you would treat a family member you adore. Introduce your pet to paradise with this Groupon.

Groupon Partner: Petagascar Pet spa

Petagascar Pet spa, located at Oshiwara Link Road, is a grooming & pampering destination for your pets. They cater to every need, keeping your pets in safe care. They are professionals in the field, giving your pets that feeling of complete relaxation.

Services include:

  • Bark In Style (Pet Salon): The grooming area is clean, well ventilated & even equipped with streaming music to give your pet the best experience possible.

  • Knock Knock (In-home Grooming): Mobile grooming table will be bought by them and the specialized equipment required.

  • Petography: This is an offer - a first of its kind tie up with professional photographer to capture the meaningful moments. Akshata Viveka, the photography sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your home, or the in-store studio or at your pet’s favorite local park.

  • Doggie Lounge: A playroom where your your pet can play with with toys, beds and lap fresh water while they await their turn at the spa.

  • Groom-time: Petagascar offers several packages that can meet your pets grooming needs. If you still want to explore more options, they tailor fit a package for your pets.

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