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A good eye, is a trained eye. Channel your photography skills with professional help with this Groupon.

Foundation Photography Workshop 

Before you take a photo- Visualize an image

  • Is there anything about photography that you need to know before knowing the technology?
  • What is Visualization
  • How to ‘Make an Image’ and not just ‘Click a photo’
  • ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, but how many people have listened to your photo’s voice


Basics of Digital Photography

  • Technology of photography
  • How a digital image is formed
  • Pixel & RAW De-mystified
  • Knowing your camera & handling it
  • Have you explored all buttons, menus and options in your camera
  • Get the best of your current gear
  • Understanding your user manual


Modes in DSLR Camera

  • What are the various modes in DSLR camera
  • Which mode shall I use now
  • When & where do I use other modes


Exposure Concepts

  • EXPOSURE – Exposed!!
  • What is the effect of exposure on photographs
  • How to control & get the best of exposure


Aperture Demystified

  • What is Aperture
  • What is the effect of Aperture on photography
  • How to control Aperture
  • When to use which Aperture setting

Shutter Demystified

  • What is Shutter & Shutter speed
  • What is the effect of Shutter speed on photography
  • How to control Shutter speed
  • When to use which Shutter speed


ISO Demystified

  • What is ISO Sensitivity
  • What is the effect of ISO Sensitivity on photography
  • How to control ISO Sensitivity
  • When to use which ISO Sensitivity setting


Combination of Aperture, Shutter speed & ISO Sensitivity

  • Which should you set first? Aperture, Shutter speed or ISO sensitivity
  • How does the combined setting affect your photography
  • How to get the best combination of Aperture, Shutter speed & ISO sensitivity


Depth of Field

  • What is depth of field and it’s importance in photography
  • Factors affecting depth of field
  • Which depth of field makes a good photograph
  • What tools you need to get your desired depth of field
  • How to get the desired depth of field without the required tools



  • What is metering and it’s affect in photography
  • How to control Metering
  • What is the right metering setting for which type of photography



  • What is Focusing & Auto Focusing
  • Auto Focus Area & Auto focus types
  • Which auto focus setting and which auto focus point is right


White balance

  • What is metering and it’s affect in photography
  • How to control Metering
  • What is the right metering setting for which type of photography



  • What is a good composition
  • How to achieve an attractive composition with least effort
  • Composition rules



  • Introduction to various types of lenses
  • Which lens is good for you
  • Which is the first extra lens that you need to buy
  • Good camera vs good lens


Introduction to Professional Photography

  • Why some photos look professional and some not
  • Is it only about high-end tools & gears
  • Basic rule of professional photography


How to shoot stunning portrait/people

  • Learn the best composition for shooting people
  • Which light works the best for portrait
  • Lenses, equipment and set up for portrait photography
  • Shooting Kid’s portrait


How to shoot memorable Events & Weddings

  • How to get best Composition among chaos at Events
  • What tools required & how to set them up
  • Must to capture moments
  • Dos & Don’t for event photography
  • Ensuring backup tools, photos & other things


How to capture Lively Landscapes

  • The right time
  • The right Angle
  • Must to capture places wherever you go
  • Challenges & overcoming them
  • Tools required and using them


How to capture breathtaking flowers and absolute macros

  • Get the best composition out door/indoors
  • Right angle to take picture
  • Tools suggested
  • Tricks which can be used


How to get the best photos in Low light/Night

  • Composition for Night Landscape
  • Light vs Depth of field
  • Right use of tools


Bokeh Mania

  • What is Bokeh and how to get it
  • Bokeh in day vs Bokeh in night
  • Bokeh of various shapes


Your first professional camera

  • Factors to look and not to look for
  • How to research about various cameras
  • Dos & Don’t while selecting
  • How to upgrade your existing camera


Take care of your gear

  • Things to be careful of
  • Things you need to buy to protect your camera & accessories


Continue the Journey

  • How to keep on learning
  • How to network with photo buddies and learn in a group


Becoming a professional photographer

  • Taking good photos vs. getting paid for taking photos
  • How to network
  • Pricing your work
  • Photo folio


Access to online Photography Course (Valid for lifetime)

Groupon Partner: Illuminati ImageAcademy

Illuminati ImageAcademy is a portal where you’ll be exposed to rich knowledge and information about photography as an art. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or trying to establish yourself as a professional photographer; the academy offers courses for all

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