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Whether you’re on a seafood diet or a “see food diet”, you’re bound to have a swimmingly good time with this Groupon.

Buffet Lunch / Dinner

  • 2 Soups (1 Veg & 1 Seafood / Chicken)
  • 2 Veg Salads 
  • 3 Veg Starters
  • 3 Non-Veg Starters (2 Seafood & 1 Chicken)
  • 2 Veg Main Courses
  • 2 Non-Veg Main Courses (1 Seafood & 1 Chicken)
  • Biryani (Veg/Seafood)
  • 1 Rice Preparation
  • Assorted Indian Breads
  • 2 Desserts 

Groupon Partner: Shaarkey’s Restaurant

Located in Velachery, Shaarkey’s Restaurant serves an array of cuisines, specializing in seafood. The restaurant is led by a chef with International exposure and has a classy and relaxing ambiance and a friendly staff.

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