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There are few things as liberating as being able to fly, which is why humans invented airplanes and why penguins constantly try to sabotage them by climbing into their jet engines. Feel the freedom of the skies with this Groupon.

Groupon Partner: Flight 4 Fantasy

Flight 4 Fantasy is the first and only flight simulation center in India that allows non-pilots to virtually fly planes. TripAdvisor rated them 5 stars because of the exceptional experience they provide. As a part of this experience, you can take control and be the pilot of an aircraft. Take off and land at more than 20,000 airports around the world.

The experienced Instructors will guide you through your flight experience and the simulators will keep you at the edge of your seats. Customers get a memorable flight experience with stunning high definition visuals / sounds and realistic representation of the complex aircraft cockpit. Suit your interests by picking one of amongst the varied range of flight simulators including Boeing 737 NG, Cessna 172 or Fighter Jets

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