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Shared meals cause stress and indigestion as one races his dining companion to the last crumb. Have it all to yourself with today’s Groupon to Main Street – The Residency Towers.

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The Deal:

Choose from the following offers:

  • Offer 1 – Rs.699 instead of Rs.1249: Buffet Lunch + UNLIMITED Mocktails
  • Offer 2 – Rs.699 instead of Rs.1271: Buffet Dinner + UNLIMITED Mocktails
    • Buffet Spread:

        • 2 Soups
        • 3 Starters
        • Salads
        • 6 Non-Veg Main Course
        • 12 Veg Main Course
        • Assorted Indian Breads
        • Rice
        • Noodles
        • 4 Indian Desserts
        • 8 Continental Desserts
        • Live Chat Counter


          Monday  - Virgin Mojito 
          Tuesday  - Fruit Punch 
          Wednesday  - Virgin Mary 
          Thursday - Virgin Pina Colada 
          Friday – Virgin Mint Julep 
          Saturday – Virgin Flavored Daiquiri 
          Sunday - Shirley Temple


    • Lunch – 12:30PM to 3:00PM
    • Dinner – 7:00PM to 10:30PM

    • Groupon Partner: The Residency Towers

      The Residency Towers Hotel is a 4-star Hotel centrally located in the bustling city center – T Nagar. The Residency group has regularly won the H&FS awards. Main Street is a 24-hour lobby level coffee shop and offers a wide range of food and drinks.

      Like the name suggests, this restaurant appears to be like a one way street to a cornucopia of gastronomic delights – complete with streetlamps, impression of a cloudy day sky, canopy windows, among others.



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