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Learn to let go every once in a while and take life up on all its offers. Treat yourself to this escape with this Groupon.

Offer 3 & 4:

  • Veg Margherita
  • Simple Veg
  • Veg Crunch
  • Veg Spicy
  • Barbeque Chicken
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Smoky Chicken
  • Barbeque Corn Chicken

Offer 6 & 7:

  • Veggie Lover
  • Farm Fresh
  • Kadai Paneer
  • Chicken N Spicy
  • Veggie Chicken
  • Chicken Tikka

Groupon Partner: De’ pizza Mania

De’ pizza Mania, located in Andheri E serves Italian classics like doughy discs smothered with bubbly mozzarella cheese and other favorite toppings. They also have an ambiance that is suitable for family & social gatherings.

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